My incredibly normal life

Last night I was sitting at Hurricane Kim car wash, reading The Emperor’s Tomb by Steve Berry, and drinking coffee. It was wonderful! My post-thesis life is really wonderful. The time I get to spend doing things that I would only dream about while writing my thesis – normal people things. I don’t even remember when I last washed my car before last night. And reading books for fun – wow! Even washing dishes and mopping floors are suddenly tasks that are so amazingly mindless and stress-free once you remove the student-guilt and procrastination that used to go along with them.

I’ve finally tried out that new vegan cottage pie recipe, and sewn a runner for the table in our entrance hall. I play with the dog and the cat as long as I want to. I practise music EVERYDAY – something I haven’t managed since high school. And one of the best parts is winding down in the evenings and sleeping before 11 pm every night. Am I getting old? Maybe. Am I tired of drinking Play and writing like a zombie the entire night, then going to work on two hours of sleep? Definitely!

I also waved goodbye to heartburn, anxiety attacks, and back and joint aches last year. My skin has cleared up and I’ve lost weight. So here’s to my renewed appreciation for the mundane, and the health and happiness it has brought back into my life!